Sea bream on the grill

Receta de dorada al grill

Sea bream on the grill

Today's recipe is very simple and at the same time not, the secret of this recipe is the point of the fish and that the fire that we use is necessary to brown the piece well, but that it does not burn.

Here the trick is the care of the fish, if you prepare it well you will succeed, since there is nothing richer in this world than a good grilled fish.


  • For fish, ask your fishmonger to remove the scales and guts.
  • The grill has to be very hot, this is vital so that the fish does not stick to you, although it is not the only trick.
  • When the grill is very hot, wet a kitchen paper with oil and grease the grill. (When you cook meat, this can be done, with the fat that you remove before cooking the meat.)
  • When you put the fish on the grill, you can't flip it until you know it has a golden crust. This way it won't stick to you.
  • In the video I tell you that I am dunking the sea bream with a kind of vinaigrette and that will help us to make it golden brown and with a great flavor.

During cooking it is best to be careful, we only turn the fish once.

For the garnish, the sweet potato is cooked for about 50 minutes at 180ºC, for a piece of about 300g, if you have a thermometer you have to take it out when it reaches 92-94ºC. Inside it will be like a puree, tremendously rich, sweet, crazy. I marked it on the grill because it's amazing how good it is, if you feel like it, cut the sweet potato in half and add salt, oil and pepper.

The salad, I leave it to your choice, I used some tender sprouts and some Cherry tomatoes, but you can make the one you like the most.

I hope you get a delicious fish!!!