Gastronomic trends for 2022

Tendencias gastronómicas 2022

Spanish gastronomy and the food sector have been in constant change for years, seeking not only to be at the forefront, but also trying to be in harmony with what customers need. Healthy, ecological products, etc., today are a fact and the population demands them more every day for all the benefits they provide.

As it has been for years now, the trends for the following year are oriented towards healthy consumption trends.

real food

This trend has been gaining strong followers and it is more than just eating healthy, rich, and with a lot of flavor. Of course, there is no place in this kitchen for processed foods. So, taking into account the above, what can we eat? Of course meat, fish, legumes, vegetables, etc. There are processed foods such as olive oil, sausages, milk, yogurt, which can be eaten.

I think Honest green should be highlighted as an example of a Real Food establishment, where they cook honestly and full of flavour!

The product of the earth

Consumers go back to their roots and are looking for this quality product, made by local producers. According to studies, these consumers will repeat these purchases because they positively value the qualities of these products, such as flavor, freshness.

The fire

Some restaurants have already emerged with this concept that is not new in itself, but is the improvement of the oldest cooking technique in the world, in this sense come the smoked ones where we seek to impregnate the food with the smoke of different woods, cooking in Japanese barbecue on live fire. It's a whole world and one of the Spanish versions of this type of cuisine is brought to us by Dani García at the hands of Leña, which is a groundbreaking concept in which fire is the protagonist.

products with history

It is very important that customers feel identified with the message that we give as a brand, we have to be aligned with the ideals of our buyer persona.

The products in which we can highlight the origin will have a better impact on our customers, as long as the product has a story, it will have a very important added value.

As I have mentioned before, we can continue talking about more trends and all of them will be linked to healthy living movements, healthy snacks, vegan cooking, ecology in the restaurant industry, etc.

COVID-19 is still with us and it seems that we will be with it for at least a long time. That is why it is more important to maintain disinfection habits and protocols that make our guests feel comfortable. The delivery channel continues to be a good bet as a complement to the sales we have on the premises. We must not put it aside.

These trends are here to stay and now we must work on them and enjoy them in 2022. Follow our blog to stay up to date on everything related to the world of gastronomy.


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