5 reasons to wear an apron

Delantal vaquero con detalles en cuero sintético

Aprons for cooks and bartenders


To begin with, we are going to ask ourselves the following question: What is an apron? you can also call it mandil, apron or apron and depending on the country it will have a different name.

But the point is that the apron is a piece of clothing for work, in our case we are going to refer to the apron, within the hotel and restaurant sector

It is tied at the waist with ribbons and is worn over the front of the clothing to protect it from stains or scratches; it covers from the waist to the knees and sometimes also the upper part of the body.

In our sector we use it in the dining room and in the kitchen, depending on which part of the restaurant you work in, the types of fabric and designs can change.



Reasons why you have to wear an apron


  • Avoid stains, the apron has been created so that your work clothes do not suffer so much from the battles we face in restaurants. This is its main function but that's not why you have to leave style aside 😊
  • Avoid accidents, for those who work in the kitchen, in the apron they will find an extra protection. The chef's apron protects us from the high temperatures of grills, irons, ovens and also protects us from splashes of hot liquids.
  • It is practical, the apron is created and designed to make everything easier, that's why you have pockets to store your utensils such as plating tongs, openers, pens, etc.
  • Avoid diseases, the apron prevents the transfer of bacteria from clothing to whatever we are cooking.
  • you are fashionable, the aprons are back to stay and today we are working to improve the finishes, the designs and above all the comfort and usability.

At TABLYER we are here to help you dress your team. If you are looking for a professional apron, contact us.