mojito recipe

Receta de Mojito

mojito recipe

The mojito is a drink that was born in Cuba, today we can say that it is one of the best-selling cocktails in the world, I could say that it is in the top ten of any country in the world.

Surely you can find a thousand recipes, each bartender adds his touch, in the end, what is clear is that we have to enjoy our favorite drinks. And that is why we are going to leave them to our liking even if that requires making some change in the original recipe.

Some make it with brown sugar, some with regular sugar, and some even use their own sugar syrups. They have taught it to me with white sugar and it is how I like it the most, both visually and in flavor.

 You have to know that the mint and the lime must be fresh so that the result is optimal.


50 ml of White Rum

1/2 lime cut into quarters (the rest for juice and decoration)

2 sprigs of mint

2 tablespoons of sugar

Soda o Sprite


For the elaboration, it is great that we have a mortar, if not, we are going to replace it with some utensil that we will wash beforehand and that does not help to crush the lime and mint.

The first thing is in a wide glass add lime and sugar, crush so that the lime releases the juice and mixes with the sugar.  Then we put the mint and crush it a bit, so that it releases the aroma.

Next, normal or crushed ice is added and everything is mixed.

We finish with soda or Sprite and mix it up again. It is decorated with a sprig of mint and lime.

To enjoy!