Argentine empanadas recipes a little vice

Recetas de empanadas Argentinas un pequeño vicio - Tablyer delantales

the empanada 

In my country of origin (Argentina) the empanada is a classic dish, we can find different types of fillings throughout the country.

How many types of empanadas are there in Argentina?

 We can find empanada Santiagueña, empanada Jujeña, Catamarqueña, Mendocina, etc. Each province has its style.

You can eat empanadas made with shortcrust pastry or puff pastry, I like puff pastry and baked the most. But they are also fried.

As for the filling, you can have meat empanadas, cut with a knife or minced, chicken, tuna, I have also eaten them with spinach, corn or corn as it is called here in Spain. There are also sweet fillings and there I think you can play with a thousand combinations.

This week we are giving you a traditional recipe or the traditional one that we make at home, it is incredible how good it is.

meat pie 


500g minced meat

200g white onion

50 g green onion

Ground chili, oregano, pepper, salt, hot paprika, cumin,

12 empanada covers.

2 eggs

15ml olive oil



To start with the filling, we put a saucepan with water and a handful of salt, to cook the eggs. Add the eggs when the water is cold and cook for 13 minutes.

For the meat we must start by cutting the onion and green onion into small cubes and they must be blanched in a pot with olive oil, for this we will always have medium low heat.

Once the onion is poached, add the meat and mix until it is well loose, try to make it a good mince, it is the soul of the empanada. Finally the seasonings, how much should I add? The seasonings should be added little by little and testing so that it is to taste.

We rectify the flavor by adding a little more salt, for example if necessary. Let it cold down.

To finish, the empanadas are filled and cooked in the oven or fried in abundant oil.

I hope you like them!

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