The shaker and the barman

coctelera de barman

Become the bartender of your house

If we talk about a cocktail shaker, the first thing that comes to mind is the image of the bartender at the bar preparing cocktails.

It can be a Cosmopolitan, a Martini or a Manhattan, it can also be your favorite cocktail, you have to admit that it can be a bit difficult to handle like a professional, but it's all a matter of practice.

There are several models, the two best known are the Boston shaker and the three-piece shaker.

In the photo we can see the three-piece cocktail shaker, without a doubt it is the best known. It is very practical, since it even has a strainer to prepare finer cocktails.

The Boston shaker is designed in such a way that when cold, the metal contracts and it is very difficult for liquids to spill.

We are going to take advantage of this article to give you a recipe. One of the best known cocktails.




40 ml de Vodka

40 ml of Triple sec

20ml lime juice

40ml cranberry juice




  • We crush blueberries to make the juice. We pass it through a sieve to make it fine.
  • Put the ice cubes in the shaker, add the cranberry juice, strained lime juice, vodka and the triple sec.
  • Close and shake vigorously.
  • We serve it in a cocktail glass, without the ice.
  • It can be decorated with lime.

 Don't forget to stop by the store and pick up a Tablyer apron to be a real bartender.